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Nanogreen Sustainable Facilities Management is focused on the delivery of our goal to increase our social impact and contribute back to our society and the local economy.  Find out below how we give back and you directly contribute to our successes.

2 Employees who were previously rough sleeping
£42,802 back into local authorities
£30,546 saved by the NHS & GP Services
£21,564 saved on Social Care Services
former rough sleepers now in work have a economical impact of £139,257
Net result of using Nanogreen Cleaning is £108,457

We’re in business to improve lives

Nanogreen has always stood for a fairer, cleaner society – one where our community thrives. To us, that means no matter, who you are, where you live, you feel physically safe, mentally well and have access to opportunity. Every Nanogreen contract enables us to work with local authorities and charitable organisations, to invest in our community working to create positive change in these areas. 

social impact
social impact

For every new contract we win, we recruit, train or develop.

As the first facilities management company in the Wiltshire area to have recruited those who were deemed unemployable, we continue to give work experience to underprivileged teenagers, we have developed those who came to us from vulnerable backgrounds and we work closely with the Building Bridges charity and Swindon Social Enterprise Network, giving talks, advice and encouragement to those individuals in similar positions or local businesses wanting to achieve the same goals.

Moving forward Nanogreen will continue to recruit those individuals who are wanting a second chance or have felt disregarded from society and provide them with a renewed drive, passion and WHY.


Read our Corporate Sustainability Impact Report

At Nanogreen we understand that Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) has become a tick box excersie for some businesses and organisations; it shouldn’t be, so we have produced our CSR Impact Report which outlines our changes in 2020, which have actionable and demonsratable changes and results.

Sustainability is key to maintaining a healtheir and more fruitful world and economy. Whether you are an organisation or individual who prioritises the environment, or you or your business are more socially driven, then Nanogreen are able to strengthen your values and objectives.

Read more to find out.

social impact

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